Their move to "build a platform" has the potential to disrupt the carbon market in positive, exciting ways
The market for voluntary carbon credits is growing faster than ever due to corporate climate commitments; what’s troubling is how it’s growing and what…

September 2021

The world (and LPs) need optimistic VCs, but they’ll have to do their part to make climate-focused funds pay off... and the place to do that work is in…
Climate tech startups working to “unf**k the planet” need a nuanced perspective on how they will succeed until — and when — governments act
With just over 2 months to COP26, the clock is ticking for active support

August 2021

Incontrovertible evidence on the science means political action more likely
Or: “we've met the enemy, and it is us”

July 2021

In a week of horrifying weather images and carbon market evolutions, I suggest we should keep our eyes on where private investment is moving
A letter I wrote to Matt Levine: Why the world of “more active bets” on the energy transition is happening fast
A strong policy response is inevitable, predictable and necessary - so get a plan, start running your plan, and engage governments to regulate sooner…
The misleading carbon pricing baked into many corporate climate commitments will be tested soon; that’s good for corporate capital allocation decisions…

June 2021

If the Bigger Short implies that everyone is short carbon emissions, where are we going to find the long emissions to cover that position?