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Greetings: reading "The broker-dealers themselves seem skeptical of the work they do. I am still puzzled that the CEO of South Pole, who sold $600K worth of carbon offsets to TotalEnergies so they could build a “carbon neutral tanker of LNG”, said of the transaction: “‘It’s such obvious nonsense,’ says Renat Heuberger, co-founder of South Pole. ‘Even my 9-year-old daughter will understand that’s not the case. You’re burning fossil fuels and creating CO₂ emissions.’”1

Question for readers: Will today’s broker-dealers be displaced by an easy-to-use Carbon Direct transaction platform that only sells unambiguously high-quality carbon offsets?"

I agree. But could you please better describe to me how a Carbon Direct Transaction is different than i.e. a EU EUA carbon credit? Grateful.

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