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I have spent most of my career thinking about economics and climate change. That isn’t what I’ve done for my job the whole time, but it is what it’s been in the back of my head for the past 25 years while I was a consultant, when I was building Wayfair, and as I’ve been raising kids. I have a lot of thoughts on how the world is going to change, and experience developing technology and companies to create value. I’m also lucky enough to know a lot of people who are working on the problems we face in a world of decarbonization and the potential solutions.

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The world of carbon is changing pretty fast. There’s a lot of work to do. People have been working on this for a generation, and while we’ve done a lot, we are way behind the eight ball. You might as well be ready for when the nugget of wisdom drops that will help you reframe the problem and take action. Don’t miss it, subscribe.

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There are a lot of people working on how to make sense of carbon, how to put less greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and how to take it out once we put it in. There’s a lot of complexity in the science, the incentives, the policies, and the products. If you’re working on any of these critical pieces, you’re welcome to join in on the discussions.

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John was CTO of Wayfair, is a senior advisor at the Boston Consulting Group, and ran the global carbon business for Indigo Ag. Follow me on Twitter: @johnmulliken
Climate optimist, entrepreneur, and advisor. Founding GM Indigo Carbon. Former Wayfair GM. Ex-strategy consultant. Avid skier & kite surfer. Ecstatic new dad. On Twitter @1EdSmith1