If the Bigger Short implies that everyone is short carbon emissions, where are we going to find the long emissions to cover that position?
Their move to "build a platform" has the potential to disrupt the carbon market in positive, exciting ways
The market for voluntary carbon credits is growing faster than ever due to corporate climate commitments; what’s troubling is how it’s growing and what…
The world (and LPs) need optimistic VCs, but they’ll have to do their part to make climate-focused funds pay off... and the place to do that work is in…
Climate tech startups working to “unf**k the planet” need a nuanced perspective on how they will succeed until — and when — governments act
With just over 2 months to COP26, the clock is ticking for active support
Incontrovertible evidence on the science means political action more likely
Or: “we've met the enemy, and it is us”
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